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Solar powered submersible water pumps

-Long life expectancy and proven service record;

-Designed for use in remote and adverse conditions;

-Smart modular design for simple and economical repairs and maintenance;

- Engines filled with water for reliability and to avoid oil contamination;

-Quick and simple installation;

-Philosophy of economical spare parts;

-ROI very strong against pumping powered by diesel;

-Great variety of pumps to match each application and optimize efficiency.

-Designed in Germany;

-High quality non-corrosive materials;

-Fused stainless steel components;

-Direct solar connection with AC connection options;

- MPPT technology to maximize the energy use of photovoltaic modules;

Brushless motors ECDRIVE DC, designed for solar energy, with more than 90% efficiency;

- Built-in data record;

-Helical rotor pumps: specific water temperature variations to provide the most efficient results.

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