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SOELEC , Lda. (Spin-off of SOLUCIONES ELÉCTRICAS DE GALÍCIA, SL - SOELEC ), completed 6 years of effective activity in Mozambique, and is currently a company with Mozambican rights.

Our main activity is Electricity and Instrumentation (we are not just salespeople or installers) and, under this assumption, the interconnection between different and distinct subsystems is what we do on a daily basis. However, due to our activity, we ended up knowing good solutions for the sectors where we work and we ended up doing the representation and / or distribution and after sales support of some of these solutions.

Despite having more expression in the oil industry, we also have a presence in other types of industries. Our main customers are large companies operating in the national territory in the field of energy, such as PETROMOC , TOTAL or GIGAWATT , but also in the food field, such as STAM , MEREC or MARAGRA . We are, therefore, accustomed to the rigor and demand of large organizations, both in relation to the products and services provided, and in terms of quality, environment and safety. Whenever necessary, we also have maintenance contracts with some of these customers, available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In 2018 Soelec Mozambique opened a department dedicated exclusively to renewable energies, especially solar energy, which is able to provide projects and / or services in the areas of water collection and production to populations, irrigation systems and self-consumption systems off -grid, either as a consultant or EPC.

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To be seen as the best reference in the areas of electricity, instrumentation and industrial automation and to achieve a sustainable position in the realization of renewable energy projects in Mozambique.


Ability and conditions to offer our customers a wide range of services in: projects and engineering; industrial mechanical and electrical assemblies; maintenance and technical assistance and renewable energy for water and energy.


Ethics, respect, appreciation and recognition of our employees, customers and business partners. Provide services with quality and safety, meeting the deadlines we propose.


Soelec Lda., with main activity in Electricity and Industrial Instrumentation has the principle of satisfaction, using cohesive work teams, improving their professional skills in order to compress the deadlines they propose and is committed to the continuous improvement of management of quality.

Soelec Lda., considers hygiene, health and safety at work a key and priority element for its employees, service providers, customers and visitors.


  • It undertakes to anticipate and prevent health and safety risks at work in accordance with the general principles of prevention;

  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment;

  • Maintain a management system for hygiene, health and safety at work, based on the concept of continuous improvement in order to improve its performance in terms of hygiene, health and safety, designing and adapting safe work processes, practices and systems.






“No job or task is so important that it cannot be done safely”

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