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Photovoltaic modules -
photovoltaic cells that capture solar energy

Photovoltaic modules are the source of energy for your solar water pumping system. LORENTZ systems are very flexible, allowing the use of a wide variety of types and sizes of PV modules.

Designed for off-network use

We offer our own line of modules with competitive prices in size ranges that adapt perfectly to the environment outside the network. The LC module line is used in a wide variety of applications, including water pumping, water purification systems and anywhere where a reliable and robust PV module is needed.

Photovoltaic Panels - Built to last

LC Series modules are constructed with robust aluminum frames, advanced EVA packaging and triple-layered rear sheets to meet the most stringent safety requirements.

Tested and easy to scale

When purchasing LORENTZ modules you know that they are of good quality and are tested with LORENTZ solar pumping systems, which reduces the risk of the project. The module specifications are included as standard in our COMPASS solar planning software and kept up to date.

And all the features you would expect

LORENTZ - 20-year performance guarantee, high conversion efficiency, manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2000 certified factory, meets all European approvals under our license and includes reliable bypass diodes to prevent overheating and minimize energy loss by shading.

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