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PSk2 The complete solar water pumping solution with SmartSolution Hybrid Power Support

PSk2 is the latest generation of solar water pumping systems for larger projects. PSk2 can operate exclusively on solar energy or with our new SmartSolution. The PSk2 SmartSolution provides a true hybrid pumping system that can automatically combine mains and generator power with the central solar power source.

PSk2 is an advanced solar water pumping system. The system is specifically designed to use the sun's energy to move water, thus replacing the need for power from the grid or diesel. As solar energy is not consistent throughout the day, the PSk2 constantly changes the pump parameters to optimize the amount of water available.

Being designed as a pumping system for solar water outside the network, the PSk2 has all the necessary inputs and outputs in an integrated self-management system. Where water demands cannot be met by solar energy alone, the PSk2 SmartSolution hybrid integrates seamlessly with external energy sources on demand.

With PSk2 everything is possible
LORENTZ solar water pumping system with support for hybrid energy

PSk2 systems are available from 7kW to 100kW with a wide variety of submersible and surface pumps and motors.

With PSk2, you will benefit from:
No infrastructure to install
Low operating cost

The use of solar energy means that you can install a pumping system almost anywhere, regardless of the availability of the energy infrastructure and the associated costs. PSk2 is designed for the toughest off-network environments.

Operating cost savings are achieved because the system does not require fossil fuels, can be fully managed remotely and is designed to have a long service life. The result is very low or no operating costs.

Right size

With infinite control of the intelligent motor, the PSk2 is very careful with the pump motors, which increases the life of the system and allows the generators integrated into the system to be much smaller than conventional pump systems.

Lower design risk

As the PSk2 was designed to be a complete system, it has all the necessary software and hardware for your water project. The result is that your projects are delivered on time, within budget and without technical risks.

Designed for solar water pumping

PSk2 was designed from the first whiteboard sketches to be a solar pumping system. The system was designed and built by an engineering team that focuses only on solar water pumping. This experience means that they design, test and build systems where operation in the most adverse and remote environments is normal.

Having a great feature set is just part of being a good solar water pumping system, what really matters is the efficiency of the system. Efficiency defines the amount of water it will pump. PSk2 has class-leading efficiency and optimized maximum power point tracking for better performance when conditions are not perfect. The system also has active power management to ensure that high ambient temperatures have a minimal impact on water production.

SmartSolution Hybrid Power

With our SmartSolution, the PSk2 becomes a hybrid powered system. Hybrid means perfectly combining solar energy with the grid or generator power sources.

The PSk2 becomes the brain of your water system, looking at available energy, using solar energy whenever possible and just starting a generator or putting a load on the power grid when there is not enough sun. This function is not a simple switching system; there is an active combination of energy sources, which means that your solar investment is fully utilized and that the use of expensive, non-renewable energy is minimized.

The PSk2 SmartSolution manages all of this, including automatic generator starts and stops, timed starts and also volume-based decision making. This flexibility means that the most efficient and effective solutions can be created to meet any need for water.

The Complete Solution

The PSk2 was designed to be a complete solar water pumping system, consisting of a specialized pump controller and carefully matched pumps.

PSk2 has eight sensor inputs that allow the connection of analog and digital sensors. This combination of sensors with powerful integrated software applications allows full control of the pump and specific water applications. The system also has a built-in solar sensor that measures the available radiation and then makes decisions about what to do based on the available power.

The Solar Sensor also prevents unnecessary start and stop cycles that increase pump wear. PSk2 is a complete “out of the box” solution, without the need to build additional switching cabinets or PLC units.


The system is configured on site using PumpScanner, an Android ™ based application that the installer uses. The common configuration is done with three clicks and there is full access to configure the system's behavior based on additional sensor inputs.

PSk2 constantly records operational data and provides access to valuable information for customers and technicians.

PSk2 can also be connected to our pumpMANAGER managed service. This is a simple service, delivered in the cloud and paid monthly, which eliminates the complexity of remote monitoring and management. A low rate means you can see exactly what the system is doing, make changes to settings and receive alerts regardless of location.

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