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PS2-100 High efficiency self-installing solar pump system

LORENTZ PS2-100 is a high quality, high efficiency and low cost solar pump system, designed for automatic installation.


Ready-to-use system


to connect

Pumping water from any side: pond, stream, well

The PS2-100 is a complete system in a box, ready to take and carry under your arm. Installation is very easy, just connect the fixed and start pumping the water. Even the pipe connection fits into standard hoses, so there is no special connection to deal with.


The system works directly with solar energy, pumping water during the day. High efficiency means that enough water is pumped during the day and can be stored in a tank for night use, if necessary. Expensive batteries are not required.

Because it is a submersible pump, you are not limited to the sources of water you can pump from. Pumping water from a well, pond, tank or lake can be done without worrying about the suction height limits, as you would with a surface pump.


The PS2-100 system supplies more than 20,000 liters of water per day and pumps heads up to 40 meters. This serves a wide range of opportunities in the provision of drinking water, water for livestock and irrigation.


The pump is flexible to meet a wide range of flow and pressure requirements and designed for the long life required in productive use cases, such as water for livestock and irrigation. It is also suitable for domestic drinking water use.

We are a family owned and operated business.

-There are three different pumps to choose from in the PS2-100 range: HR-23, HR-14 and HR-07.

-The graph shows the daily water that will be pumped in different vertical heads.

-Measure the vertical distance you need to pump water and look at the bottom axis, read on the left to see how much water to expect per day.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The data provided are the annual daily average based on the use of a single PV 205 Wp module at the 15N 0E location. There are three pump end variants that cover the head and flow ranges, ask your dealer for guidance on choosing the one that meets your needs.

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